Shannon started yoga practice around four years ago. Everything Shannon thought about yoga was dismissed after her first class and she was hooked. Shannon loved how it felt during and afterwards, knowing she could come to the mat with no expectations while learning how to manage her patience and teach acceptance at the same time.

Being an instructor, it’s paramount for Shannon to be able to convey those feelings to her students. Yoga isn’t judgmental and if you can’t get into a certain position, it’s okay; it’ll come when you’re ready.  Shannon's style isn’t really defined, but she likes to take her classes at a relaxing pace, focusing on form. If your form isn’t right, function flies out the window.

Shannon always strives to be mindful of her students' needs without interfering with the journey they're on. Yoga is personal and means something different to each individual.

Along with yoga, Shannon likes to stay busy with a physical lifestyle including walking her not so mini Aussie, Casey, hanging out with her handsome hubby and being a part of her kids and grand princesses' lives. 

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