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Why Happy Belly Studios?

Unique, personalized, and all about you!

Happy Belly Studios is a private Pilates, yoga and wellness studio in Oak Forest. We offer personalized attention that allows our instructors to focus on individual clients' needs for the best, most direct possible workout. From assisted stretching, Pilates and yoga private sessions to meditation and nutrition coaching, Happy Belly Studios offers an all-encompassing approach to your health.

What sets us apart is our depth of expertise. We have a staff of Pilates experts in their field, yoga instructors willing to teach outside the box and get to know their students concerns, and fitness experts who generally want to see changes in their students and clients. We strive to be different than the “big box” studio concept and work to make every session specific to our client's needs.

Meet Michele

Michele opened Happy Belly Studios in February of 2011 to bring the love of physical movement principles to everyone, young and old. Michele has a love for both Pilates and yoga and at the time, there were not any boutique studios offering this unique combination.

Michele wants her students to appreciate and benefit from both exercise philosophies. As opposed to building a body that is simply muscular like in other workout regimens, the use of both Pilates and yoga at the same time will be conducive to the development of a body which is strong as well as lean, graceful and efficient.

Today, Happy Belly  Studios is a more well-rounded wellness studio. Our services include Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Assisted Stretching,Restorative, Meditation, Kids, Pre & Post Natal, and specialized workouts.  Continuing to grow every day, Michele is empowered by those who come to the studio.

Pilates and Yoga in Conjunction

Pilates in combination with yoga is a new workout that you should be trying. While there are differences between Pilates and yoga (yoga emphasizes awareness of your body's alignment and movement patterns and is therapeutic, while Pilates is more aimed at working the entirety of your body) there are also similarities. It is because of these similarities Happy Belly Studios has fused these two separate types of workouts into a new winning combination.

For example, you can take the stretching emphasis from yoga and retain it for Pilates exercises. Or you can improve your yoga poses after you build up your abdominal muscles from Pilates work. The breathing techniques that are so important and prevalent in both exercise philosophies, can even be integrated into your everyday life and routines, which means having a stronger body and stronger mind. This workout combo can lead to increased attainment of harmony and high levels of spiritual, mental and physical fitness. 

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