Nancy De La Huerta


Nancy has always loved being active, whether it was playing a game of tennis with her cousins when she was younger or just going for a run to clear her mind. As she got older, life got very busy having to raise her two beautiful daughters and she let herself go a bit. Once her girls were older she had a lot of free time and got more opportunities to focus on herself and her well being. She first started with a quick walk around the neighborhood. That walk turned into a run, that then turned into her getting a membership at her nearest gym.

After going to the gym for a while she fell in love with the ambience and knew she had found her passion. Nancy has not looked back ever since and has decided to become a full time personal trainer. She does her job to help people better themselves and turn their life around just like she did. 

Nancy attends DeVry University and is working to get her Business degree in Business Administration as well as being NPTI and NASM certified. She lives by the motto "smile, life is beautiful."   

Nancy teaches TRX HIIT.