Mima Leal

pilates, trx, yoga

Originally from Venezuela, Mima came to the USA 20 years ago. Although she had traveled to Europe to attend Art College, fitness has always been her second love. Having been involved in gymnastics and dance most of her youth, when Mima went back to her native country to pursued a career in Fashion Design, she got involved in Competitive Aerobics which allowed her to participate in the World Aerobics Championships where she was a finalists in the individual female categories and mixed pairs in 1993, 1995, and 1996.

Mima believes that it’s never too late to start gaining body awareness and becoming a fitter individual. Whether you are re-learning how to put one foot in front of another, learning how to reach up and pick something up from a shelf without hurting yourself, or training for an athletic event, you must not rush your progress, it takes time. Take your small successes one by one, and they’ll all add up to a big one. But also, be realistic. Concentrate on the things you can change, and forget about the things you cannot.

Mima has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and discovered the great benefits of Pilates after suffering a back injury sustained while competing in the World Aerobic Championships. She started practicing Pilates in 1998 and received her certification shortly after. She is an AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE certified Personal Trainer, Polestar certified Pilates Instructor, and Spinning Star 3 certified Instructor. She also holds a Postural & Functional Movement Evaluation certification, PH Pilates Chair, Spine Corrector and Tower certifications, Active Isolation Stretch certification, Barre, and Yogafit levels 1, 2, and 3 certifications, BOSU certification, and TRX certification.

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