Jennifer Doctorovich

nutrition, enzyme therapy

Jennifer graduated from The California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Acting. Upon moving to NYC to pursue her theater career, she embarked on a completely different path. She became a master Urban Rebounding teacher (Equinox and Crunch) under Jeff Berns’ team. When she moved back to Houston, Jennifer continued teaching. That’s when Jennifer started to take an interest in holistic health and wellness. In 2008, Jennifer became certified as a nutritional therapist from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, WA. Her emphasis is on wellness, behavioral modification, and stress. Specialty areas include enzyme therapy, digestion, leaky gut, blood sugar handling, chronic fatigue caused by immune challenges, and adrenal fatigue. Jennifer’s other interests include nutrition for athletic performance, mental health, and balancing hormones naturally. Jennifer has recently launched a sugar detox program called Restart and Thrive. You can learn more on Jennifer believes that balance is achievable by making these choices, keeping fit, and using supplementation.