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Does saying “i want it all” conjure up negative or positive reactions in you? Or both perhaps? While thinking of what to compose for my first blog, I kept going back to what message I want my readers to take away with them. And it is this – I want it all, or rather YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Why does saying ” I want it all” impose selfishness and commercialism in some? Not at all its intention! I want it all is simply about ones SELF WORTH.

I want it all is is about finding the balance to live, work, and play, build community and sustainability. To live present and fully engaged, to live fully. So yes, I DO WANT IT ALL.
And so, should you.

In an effort to get my business off the ground, which I am happy and proud to say will be in its 6th month on July 5th. What a great celebration of INDEPENDENCE! Yes, of course sometimes it doesn’t much feel like independence with the hours a business owner keeps and the daily tasks of never ending duties, however, in the end that is EXACTLY what it IS – a celebration of Independence! I was able to do exactly what I wanted with my life, no matter the consequence. I made the choice to take my independence and run with it… A great example of wanting it all.

I am currently reading a book that my good friend and yoga mentor David Romanelli recommended to me called The 4-Hour work week, by Timothy Ferriss. In this book, Tim talks a about how we are consumed with gadgets and social media and multi tasking and “fillers” that consume our time- essentially, time WASTERS.

Starting immediately – I am going to follow my “I want it all” mentality, and just like Tim says, become like the Newly Rich (NR). It is not the money, we desire, but the lifestyle those that have the money HAVE. So stop being a time waster and start seeking balance and intimacy in all relationships. Shut your computer down and hour early each day, take an extra 1/2 hour for coffee in the am or a longer lunch break with your co-workers, spend more quality time (QT) with your family, children, and pets. Live a healthy lifestyle in all areas of your life.

If you have been coming up with a million reasons (otherwise known as excuses) to not start a healthy lifestyle program, or yoga and Pilates, I encourage you that it IS possible to want and HAVE it all by just making a few priority and lifestyle changes. Each day ask yourself, is this task I am doing really worth my time? Is it really going to make the BIG change in my life?

Be up to something BIGGER, every day. Start NOW.

You too, can have it all.

Be happy,


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