Exercise Library

Watch our instructors practice various exercises while explaining the benefits of each exercise for a happy and healthy body and mind. Join Happy Belly Studios today!

pilates arm sequence on the reformer

Watch Michele demonstrate the Pilates arm sequence on the reformer. This exercise works the posterior muscles of the upper back, biceps, triceps and of course the core. Keeping the body stable at all times, pilates equals slow, controlled and precise movements. 

standing lunges on the reformer

Watch Michele demonstrate standing lunges on the reformer. This exercise develops glutes, inner thighs, and quadriceps. The movement of the carriage is also great for core stability.

bridge to standing on the cadillac

Watch Watch Kim demonstrate bridge to standing on the cadillac. This exercise develops spinal articulation and strengthens the back line of the body.

donkey kicks on the cadillac

Watch Kim demonstrate donkey kicks on the cadillac. This exercise strengthens glutes and improves hip extension. 

The swan

Watch Kim demonstrate the Swan. This exercise targets the spinal extendors, and is a great exercise to counteract "computer posture."

drawing a sword

Watch Kim demonstrate drawing a sword. This exercise targets the shoulder by strengthening the deltoid and teaches shoulder stabilization. Kneeling also challenges the core to balance the body while the arm is moving.

Step Ups & Pumps

Watch Kim demonstrate step ups and pumps. This exercise works glutes and upper legs during the entire series, and challenges the whole body to balance and control. You can choose to add the arabesque at the end for an added challenge.

pelvic curls

Watch Michele demonstrate pelvic curls. Using the ball helps keep the knees in line with the hips and deepens the activation of the pelvic floor. Hips rise off the floor on the inhale and as you exhale articulating the spine on the way down one vertebra after another.

Roll Up

The roll up challenges core muscles and promotes deep breathing. Your spine will feel more aligned and flexible after a few of these.

core exercises on the foam roller

Challenge your core on the foam roller with this simple exercise! Hand weights add a bonus challenge. 

pilates abdominal sequence on the cadillac

Watch Michele demonstrate the Pilates abdominal sequence on the cadillac

hamstring curl to hip raise

Watch Emma demonstrate the hamstring curl to hip raise. This is 2 TRX moves combined to help reshape and rehab the lower body. The TRX hamstring curl will work the hamstrings and the hip raise will tighten the glutes. As always, the core is engaged to keep the body stable and the hips elevated.

single leg stretch on foam roller

Watch Michele demonstrate single leg stretches on the foam roller.

trx push up

Watch Kirsten demonstrate a TRX push-up.

kneeling arm circles

Watch Kim demonstrate kneeling arm circles. This shoulder exercise works the shoulder flexors and abductors and also teaches stabilization in the shoulders and torso.

swan on ladder barrel

Watch Kim demonstrate swan on ladder barrel. 

assisted roll ups on arc barrel

Watch Michele demonstrate assisted roll ups on arc barrel. This Pilates equipment works great to support the lower back for people that are weak in the core & pelvic floor. 

single leg circles

Watch Michele demonstrate single leg circles. Placing a ball underneath the small of the back causes instability in the pelvis, great for all around core conditioning! Make sure the knee remains pointed to the ceiling and does not open up as you create your circle with the opposite leg and keep the hips steady and aligned. 

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Single straight leg stretch, strengthens your powerhouse while stretching your legs. This exercise improves coordination as well as strength and control of the legs. 

step ups on the chair

Watch Michele demonstrate step ups on a chair. This exercise works front leg quads on the step up, back leg glutes on the lowering and the core to stabilize the upper body. 

side bends on the stability chair

Watch Michele demonstrate side bends on the stability chair. This is a great workout for the obliques maintaining a straight line with your body on a lightly weighted moving pedal. It's harder than you think!

footwork on the cadillac

Watch Kim demonstrate footwork on the cadillac with parallel toes, Pilates V toes and parallel heels on the bar. This exercise strengthens hip extensors and knee extensors, improves hamstring flexibility and stabilizes the lower back and pelvis.

mermaid to teaser

Watch Kim demonstrate mermaid to teaser. This exercise targets the core muscles to stabilize the body while moving, as well as keeping the legs lifted to balance the upper body. 

rowing back

Watch Kim demonstrate the rowing back. This exercise challenges the abdominal muscles to stabilize the spine, also works on spine mobility and an example of the Pilates principle: flow.

trx lunge

Watch Emma demonstrate the TRX lunge plus much more. Keep the straps at mid-length, stand facing away from the anchor with one foot suspended in the foot cradle. Drop into a lunge while reaching the suspended leg back. Drive up through the heel. Keep the core tight supporting your back & chest up. To progress, add in a hop, add in a single arm shoulder press or raise to challenge the balance further. To add even more intensity, make it a burpee!

ballet stretches on ladder barrel

Watch Michele demonstrate ballet stretches on the ladder barrel. This particular stretch targets the hamstrings. 

leg kicks

Watch Dominique demonstrate part of the side leg series: leg kicks, front to back. This exercise focuses on core stabilization and balance while working the inner/outer thighs and hips. The added support of the ball makes this a great pre-natal exercise. 

tower on the cadillac

Watch Kim demonstrate tower on the cadillac. This exercise develops spinal articulation and improves flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back muscles. 

toe taps on spine corrector

Watch Kirsten demonstrate alternating toe taps on the spine corrector. This exercise challenges core and pelvic stability while focusing on pelvic floor engagement. Toe taps can also be done on the mat, however the spine corrector offers stability and lower back support.