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Día de los Muertos

At the strike of midnight, (November 1) people from all around will be celebrating Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, paying homage to their loved ones. This sacred time is far from scary, spooky or somber. It is believed that the spirits of the dead pay a visit to the families and friends during Día de los Muertos. Prior to our much anticipated visit from our loved ones, an altar is created with photos, personal belongings, and offerings to greet the spirits upon their arrival. Anything could be placed on the altar that would mean something to them. For instance, if yoga was an important part of their life then a yoga mat even could be placed there. Ok, ok…traditionally, there would really be a piece of their jewelry, razors (for a clean shave) and soap to clean up after their journey. Additionally, sweets, beverages flowers and wreaths are used for the spirits to enjoy. Now, of course, there are different traditions when celebrating the spirits and their visit and I think ..to each is own… As a little girl growing up making the ever so popular “candy skulls” is among many of my favorite memories. It is so easy and fun to do with friends and family. Who knows, this could become a tradition of your own!

I found this great website that gives you a step by step “how to” guide to making your very own sugar skulls


(a little advice.. Don’t forget the meringue powder… I learned the hard way and I am thinking a lot of other people did as well…!)


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