“Consistency” Wins The Race

“Consistency” Wins The Race

Committing to a fitness regiment doesn’t mean running for five miles on one day only to avoid exercising for the next two weeks. Committing to a fitness regiment means mapping out a plan that can be done, and yes you’re going to hear me say this word a lot, a plan that can be done “consistently.” 

Creating a workout plan will help you achieve greater consistency and improve your overall health and well being. 

Are ‘New Year weight loss/gain’ in your resolutions for 2016?

We make the same New Year Resolutions and how many of us stick to them? Maybe for the first three months? I’ll even give it six, but after that, what happens? The New Year celebration has come and gone. Valentine’s Day has come and gone (and let’s not act like we’re not trying to stay wine fine for our hunny on that special date night). Spring Break has come and gone and then, we start to feel unmotivated when summer starts. But, you’d think that we’d WANT to stay in shape for the summer? Life simply gets in the way.