Celebrate March MATness 2017!

By: Kim Burgoon-Luchs

It’s time for… March MATness! Started by Benjamin Degenhardt, March MATness is a social media campaign that pays respect to the traditional Mat exercises as Joseph Pilates described in his book, Return to Life Through Contrology. Joseph Pilates believed in doing at least a few minutes of constructive exercise every day, and this campaign is a great way to discover, or rediscover, the benefits of Pilates.

Each day corresponds to an exercise (or sometimes 2 exercises), and is presented in the original order. For the full list, check out marchmatness.com/join-the- movement.

You can participate by posting a picture, video, drawing, etc. to social media with the exercise hashtag on the day assigned to the exercise as well as the hashtag #marchmatness2017. Feel free to go through the list and skip the ones that are beyond your level. Also, you can celebrate March MATness by taking Pumped Up Pilates Mat classes at Happy Belly Studios.

Check out our schedule for Pilates Mat classes here.