Our beliefs create our reality, our thoughts color it, and our emotions set our world in motion.


Many first time clients come to see me because they are depressed (living in the past) or anxious (living in the future). Living in the present moment is the most challenging thing they have to deal with because it’s not something that most of us are taught to do. Many people were taught to “learn from the past and plan for tomorrow” but quite frankly that is only part of the conscious manifestation process.

Beliefs and thoughts like, "I'm good but I'll never be good enough to make that much money" or "I'll never lose those extra 50 pounds" can keep you locked in a loop of the same unpleasant experiences. If you’ve tried many times to lose weight or hit that big sales target and failed, your limiting belief or thinking may be the culprit.

The emotions that are tied to these beliefs also have a link to your memories and experiences. Usually, there is a fear or other strong emotion attached to an experience that gets "stuck". There are easy and quick ways to let go of emotions and memories tied to beliefs but chances are, no one has ever taught you how.

Recently, one of my clients was "stuck" on inability to say "No”. We dug deeply to find memories of being disrespectful to her mother when she said "no" to her and a fear that something horrible would happen if she said “no” to people she cared about. At follow up a week later, she was more confident, felt better about saying "no" and taking steps to start her dream business with a new partner. 

Instant transformation is REAL. We have the power to change our situation at any time. We just need to know the formula and be willing to let go of old feelings and thoughts that do not support our dreams.