Get The Most Out of Your Pilates Practice

Six Things to Focus on During Your Next Pilates Class



In Pilates all movements originate from the center of the body- what Joseph Pilates referred to as the powerhouse. The powerhouse includes the muscles from the bottom of your ribs down to the bottom of your pelvis. When the powerhouse is strengthened it creates the foundation for all other movements. During your next Pilates class take a deep breath and when you exhale imagine that you are wearing a tight corset. This will help you stay connected and centered through your trunk. 



Pilates is not a form of exercise where you get to mentally check out for an hour. Pilates demands your attention and concentration. Joseph Pilates was adamant about conscious control over the muscles. It is important to bring this awareness and mindfulness into daily life for more effective movements. 



Pilates focuses on control over the body and mind. If you feel yourself using momentum to get through an exercise, slow yourself down and focus on having control of the muscles used to perform that exercise. 



Pilates exercises are meant to be performed with precision and attention to detail. Each exercise should be performed with purpose, alignment and correct form. When you are in class pay close attention to your instructor’s cues to make sure you are performing the exercise properly! 



Joseph Pilates believed that, "before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercise, one must first learn how to breathe properly. Our very life depends on it". Proper breathing ensures that you have enough blood flowing to the muscles that you are using. Want to practice effective breathing? The Pilates 100 is a great exercise to get you breathing deeply! 



Grace. Ease. Fluidity. Pilates exercises should not feel robotic. Pilates exercises should always feel smooth and dynamic. 

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