An Introduction to TRX Suspension Training

By: Emma Aguirre, TRX Coordinator
Photo Credit: Grace Laird Photography

The fitness business is filled with of buzz words and terms geared to get members and clients excited HIIT, core, post workout burn, muscle confusion, strengthening vs toning, fat-burning zone, macro dieting…it can all be a little overwhelming. Functional training is one of those words, the difference? It works. 

Our goal with the TRX suspension training program at Happy Belly Studios is to create a workout that emphasizes fitness gained from exercise into everyday movement and sport activities, i.e.  functional training. Therefore, bending to take groceries out of your car, or lifting your little one, or even sitting at a desk all day, should become easier and less stressful on your body utilizing the TRX program. 

Traditional machine-based strength training focuses on isolating muscles, whereas functional training through TRX, the body operates as one coordinated system, blurring the lines between stability, movement, flexibility, strength, power and cardio.  We are ALL CORE, ALL THE TIME! TRX covers all the bases using your own body weight as well as a few key principles; vector (angle from the anchor), stability (base of support) and pendulum (assist or resist the starting position), allowing you to find your own challenge point.

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