Teaching Privates made me a better person.

How teaching privates made me a better overall person and a more well round teacher.

I thought I knew alot about teaching. I had been a teaching since I was very young, starting at the  Ymca, then a captain of my soccer team and dance team, and then on to dance for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Movement was a way of life.  But I didn't know anything until I started teaching privates.

2 Years ago my business changed.  Times were tough and I closed my doors.  My world as I knew it  came crashing down and I thought to myself, "What next?  Is this the end of the road for me?"  I doubted myself, I doubted my business plan, and what I thought I knew about health and fitness and what I thought I understood about what this industry wanted was CHALLENGED.

Then something happened.  I can't say exactly what it was. It was a combination of things.  I refocusd myself to allow for more internal repair.so to speak , and I began to work more one  on one with clients.  Slowly, I began to see that what people are really looking for is a CONNECTION.  A connection to themselves, a connection to their own bodies, and a connection to others.  Sometimes, you get lost in a class, or maybe you just become a cog in a wheel, a fish moving upstream, or you are just going with the flow of what everyone else does.  It's okay - it happens to all of us.  Working privately with clients, that doesn't happen.  Both student and teacher become 100% committed to their own Personal goals.  Key factor here - Personal.  

Working privately allowed not only for me as a teacher  to connect more deeply to myself and my skills, but to bevable to scratch under the surface of my students wanted out of their practice and get at the real heart of the matter (both physically, spiritually, and emotionally).  

It made me more accountable for both my teaching knowledge, my choice of words and my 100% committment to them, at that moment, in that space.  Every class, every moment, every student, every client is different... every hour of every day.  THAT is what makes me a better, stronger person, and a better, stronger leader.  Both on and off my mat.

Michele Stamos
Happy Belly Studios