Pre-natal Yoga AND Pilates

Are you soon to be expecting and wondering what activities and/or workouts you'll be able to do?

Pilates AND/or Yoga is your answer. 

Here are a few testimonials for you just in case you're still skeptical :)

 Pilates can and should be an important part of your pre and post natal exercise routine.  That being said, it is important to make sure you are doing it correctly so always work with a certified instructor.  Personally, I focused a lot on strengthening my upper body, arms, back, etc. to get ready to carry my baby, car seat, diaper bag....all those "must haves" for a new baby.  It is really amazing how strong you need to be.  Also, posture.!!!   Believe me, after the baby comes, Pilates can be a life saver.  We tend to hunch over a lot to pick up baby, change diaper, feed baby, etc. and all that leads to a very very sore back.  Pilates can help open the chest and relieve a lot of pain.  I know most of you are wondering "what about getting my abs back?"  Yes, Pilates can help with that.  Post-natal Pilates should focus on the transverse muscles.  It is CRITICAL NOT to do work on the oblique’s or rectus muscles too soon.  Why you ask.  Because our abs aren't healed yet and you can cause permanent damage.  This is why working with a certified instructor is important. You need to work the deep muscles to help pull your abs back together before staring any "surface" work.  Believe me, you will thank me a few months later when you have your nice flat abs back instead of a tear that needs surgery!  Good luck, have fun, and remember to give yourself a break.  Be gentle with yourself.  Love your body and your baby!!!



"Practicing and teaching Pilates throughout my pregnancy helped me tremendously with pain relief through pregnancy as my belly grew, and also helped by strengthening my pelvic floor to prepare, as best I could, for a natural delivery. Exercising throughout pregnancy, and making Pilates a priority, helps prepare the body for the marathon that is labor and delivery. I believe a key factor in my being able to have a natural, unmedicated delivery after 20+ hours of labor was the strength and endurance I built up through a continual Pilates practice. Learning to integrate breathing with your movement in Pilates and becoming comfortable with hearing yourself inhale and exhale (loudly) also is so important when applied to labor and making it through those contractions. Deep inhales and long, deep exhales, along with a strengthened and focus pelvic floor, really ties together the mind body connection necessary to get that baby out! Also, Pilates is gentle enough to add back in relatively quickly post-partum (of course, as approved by your doctor). Labor and delivery is a huge athletic feat, and Pilates is the perfect exercise to draw the muscles back together post-partum."



Thinking about doing yoga while pregnant?
Here's some tips and advice from Yoga Instructor and mom of two Suzy....

I was so thankful to maintain and practice yoga during both my previous and last pregnancy with my two daughters Marilyn and Frankie. Here's some benefits and things I learned along the way. 

Yoga helps decrease anxiety causing you to worry less and de stress. Being a new mom or pregnant for the second time can be scary and emotions run high. All sorts of new thoughts start to come in mind will I be a good mom, how do I love a new child as much as my first, what if something doesn't go according to plan. When you worry while pregnant it sends signals to your baby and they can also feel what you feel causing feelings of stress, confusion, and sadness in the womb. Yoga can help you focus on the present moment and embrace the positive while releasing negative thought patterns and worries about being a new mom or for the second/third time. We work on breathing techniques such as full yogic, lions, and ujjayi to help you breath deeply to relax, de stress, and remain calm during high emotions due to changes of hormones in the body.

Prenatal yoga is a great exercise for building strength. As your baby grows inside your belly grows on the outside and you start to feel the extra new weight of carrying a baby. The pressure in certain areas may become sore, painful, or difficult to balance. We do poses such as cow/cat, cow face, tree, one legged chair, warrior 3, pigeon, buddha squat, camel, and bound angle to list a few that help open, stretch, balance, and strengthen the legs, hips, shoulders, back, and pelvic floor muscles. Combining the poses and breathing techniques you learn together give you support and assist you in labor and delivery. I had students and friends tell me they actually gave birth in some of these poses.

Yoga helps you form a bond and connect with your baby starting in the womb. When you practice yoga you tune into your body and out of your mind and surroundings. This gives you a chance to notice and deeply connect with your unborn baby in the womb. From the moment your baby is implanted inside you the love and connection between mom and child starts to form. Yoga also has meditation at the end of each practice where you can open up to this new love and affection towards yourself and your baby sending thoughts and creating new beginnings for you and your new family.

Hope this information helps you make the decision to sign up for prenatal yoga and start a new journey with you and your new baby on the road to motherhood. 

 Hugs and Love,

Now, what's stopping you from taking pre-natal yoga AND/or pilates? :)
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