breathe, stretch, shake- let it go.

You need a way to calm your kid(s), eh? S/he is active and you just can’t seem to calm them down. Maybe, just maybe your kid struggles with anxiety, depression, add/adhd. And that’s okay. That DOES NOT make your child/children bad. They just need someone who will be patient with them and slow them down a bit. Let them know that it’s okay to come from 100 down to maybe…90%? Kidding. :)

Honestly, if you’re not going to have patience with them, if they’re “too wild and out of control” and if you’re all out of ideas, kids yoga WILL help them and you can send them right on over to Happy Belly Studios!

Kids need someone they can connect with. Someone (unfortunately not you mom and dad) who will allow them to open up without feeling like they’re going to get in trouble. It’s not often kids can connect with adults, but once we take age out of it, they will sing like little birdies and let loose.

In kids yoga we will start with an easy meditation and breath work to ease the mind so that they’re able to find their sense of stillness. Because let’s be honest, it’s not often a child is going to say, “hey mom/dad, I’m going up to my room to find stillness from my busy life.” Most of the time, they’re between 60-100% of GO!, GO!, GO!

We go through songs, a little flow, a song to go with that little flow, games and team poses. Kids also like to do challenging things. And that’s just great because we will do easy arm balances and assisted inversions (hands on and against the wall). Nothing will boost a kids confidence other than doing something that they didn’t believe they could do! Then BOOM, they nail it.

Although, we’ll go through these fun poses and arm balances/inversions, the most important thing children need to know about yoga is the breath. The breath is the most important and without the breath, you’re just taking an aerobics class. The most important pose is also NOT warrior one, crow or headstand…it’s savasana. To be able to let ALL things that just happened in yoga go, slow your mind, your breath and completely lay there in silence (and RELAXED) and breathe is the hardest of them all. Especially for a kiddo. And that’s what kids yoga teachers are for. Let us do the work for you while doing what we love to do…which is teaching kids yoga!


By: Mercedes, an inversion and arm balance junkie