Surviving the Dreaded “Holiday 10”

So, it’s the holidays again and it always starts on the heels of Halloween.  Candy, carbs, and alcohol, oh my!  And of course, everything and anything sugar related to blow your diet to hell.  Let’s face it, when the New Year comes around, you’ll start those resolutions with nary a pound that will come off.  So here’s the deal.  Don’t go there. So how do you enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health?  The more you bust your habits now, the easier it will become to keep the weight off permanently.  Here are my top tips for staying sexy and svelte to sit in Santa’s lap.

1.    Move your body.  Yoga, Pilates, HIITS training, dancing…anything that makes you active.  The more you enjoy an activity, the more likely you will be consistent.  Mix it up, be social.  Just move.

2.    Keep your body hydrated.  Most cravings happen when we are dehydrated.

3.    Keep alcohol to a minimum.  I recommend nursing a glass of wine at events and parties and follow up with a glass of water.  And make it red wine, as it won’t raise blood sugar.

4.    This is a big one:  eat before you play.  By stocking up on healthy fats and proteins, and veggies, you won’t be tempted to munch on the junk.  Cookies, candies, cakes, appetizers will be less tempting when you are full!

5.    Get 8 hours of sleep a night.  Studies show that when our neurotransmitters and hormones are balanced, we are less likely to eat sugar and stimulants during the day to keep our energy up.  Sleep deprivation and weight gain are closely correlated due to the affects of hormone production.

6.    Finally, EAT BREAKFAST!!! Set up your metabolism the right way.  Eat fats, proteins, and vegetables to keep your blood sugar levels regulated.  Remember how our parents and great grandparents ate—nourishing foods like steak, bacon, eggs, proteins, maybe a biscuit.  But they ate hearty because it filled them up and KEPT them filled. Make Paleo pancakes, quiche, frittatas, oatmeal with seeds, nuts, coconut oil and protein powder.  Just be creative!

Here’s a trick on Thanksgiving Day (or even those leftover days)…eat your fats and proteins before you eat the carbohydrates.  Eat dessert like pumpkin pie BEFORE the main meal.  You will fill up faster.  Incidentally, turkey doesn’t have enough tryptophan to make you that sleepy.  The reason you get sleepy after a big meal is all the starch…potatoes, stuffing, sugared up foods…that’s what kills you and makes you hypoglycemic (which is the term for what happens after you eat sugar… spike and crash)

So now you know what to do!  You just have to actually DO it!