Meditation’s Riveting Results

When I first got introduced to the concept of meditation nearly 25 years ago, I thought it was a great idea, in theory. I was 15 years old when my parents decided to embrace the New Age Movement and had me sitting quietly with the hopes of me becoming a more well-adjusted teenager. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. My mind was way too focused on boys and Saturday night dancing.
My next encounter with meditation wouldn’t happen for another 8 years but proved to be a much more enlightening experience. Not long after I got married, my husband thought it would be a good idea to visit a Buddhist Temple. I knew nothing about Buddhism but fell in love with the people that welcomed me with open arms. Surprisingly, I found out that meditation could be practiced by anyone of any religion or culture.
After a few more visits I was sold on meditation and it’s many results. Through meditation, I uncovered that I was prone to anxiety, depression, monkey mind, a hardened heart, lack of compassion, road rage, and a few other side effects from having an untamed mind.
What a revelation!
I’m not the only one having this revelation. The research that has been done on meditation is beyond staggering. Every clinical paper I have seen has shown that the positive results of meditation are numerous. Here are just a few positive results meditation can yield.  
Physical results:
Increases exercise tolerance.
Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
Good for people with high blood pressure.
Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
Decreases muscle tension.
Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis, etc.
Reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
Helps in post-operative healing.
Enhances the immune system.
Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress.
Enhances energy, strength, and vigor.
Helps with weight loss.
Reductions of free radicals, less tissue damage.
Drop in cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
Significant relief from asthma.
Harmonizes your endocrine system.
Produces lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity.
Helps in building sexual energy and desire.
Psychological results:
Builds self-confidence.
Resolves phobias and fears
Helps control own thoughts
Helps with focus and concentration
Increases creativity.
Increases brain wave coherence.
Improves learning ability and memory.
Increases feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.
Increases emotional stability.
Improves relationships.
Mind ages at a slower rate.
Less aggressiveness
Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation
Requires less time to fall asleep, helps cure insomnia.
Reduces road rage.
Decrease in restless thinking.
Decreases tendency to worry.
Increases listening skills and empathy.
Greater tolerance.
Grows a stable, more balanced personality.
Develops emotional maturity.
Spiritual results:
Helps keep things in perspective.
Provides peace of mind, happiness.
Helps you discover your purpose.
Increased self-actualization.
Increased compassion.
Growing wisdom.
Deeper understanding of yourself and others.
Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony.
Increases acceptance of oneself.
Changes attitude towards life.
Creates a deeper relationship with your God.
Attain enlightenment
Greater inner-directedness.
Helps to live in the present moment.
Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love.
Discovery of the power of consciousness beyond the ego.
Experience a sense of Oneness.
Increases the synchronicity in your life.
These are just the tip of the iceberg. What secret uncovering awaits you through meditation? There is only one way to find out!
For more instruction and troubleshooting, the best guide on meditation I have come across is Mindfulness In Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana. This book answers every question you’ve ever had about meditation. It is available for free and downloadable at

Blog post by Brandy Deutsch