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Read what our clients say about the benefits of the services offered at
Happy Belly Studios.

It had been 10 years since I had been introduced to Pilates on assignment overseas. When I moved back and researched studios, Michele was super responsive and I booked an intro session. She is one of the most effective teachers I have ever met. My strength and flexibility is unbelievable but make no bones about it, you have to do the work! The best part, is she makes it fun but will still find a way to push you beyond your limits. At 44 years old, I actually finally have biceps. I am a 17 year breast cancer survivor with a loss of both pectoral muscles. She is so amazing at conditioning my workout to build up the supporting muscles in order to reduce possible injuries. There are plenty of places that give you the standard Pilates workout, but very few that will personalize it to fit your age, body issues and goals. Go team Happy Belly!
— Heather C.
Pilates is definitely for men as well—it is a total body workout with stretching elements that keep me feeling younger! As a mid-40’s male sitting at a desk all day, the benefits of Pilates are immeasurable—the stretching and core strength work help return the body to a more normal state.
Michele knows just how to design a Pilates workout around your specific needs, whether that be a specific sport, increased flexibility or a particular muscle group.
— Kevin H.
The Pilates Mat Teacher Training class led by Michele Stamos provides essential grounding on anatomy and function, ensuring you leave with the tools to teach a pilates mat class, but importantly, to help you understand and explain to your class students the what and why behind the exercises. Sharing her knowledge from many years of teaching experience, Michele takes you through everything from proper exercise execution, to modifications, to blocking and sequencing, and addressing client challenges. The reference handouts are extremely valuable for later use, as she packs in a whole lot of information into the training.
— Sharon N. Pilates Mat Certified Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
The combination of Pilates and yoga has kept me in good condition, good health, and good mental outlook. I enjoy sharing the time with my wife.
— David H.
In just a few months of Pilates, I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength, stamina and flexibility. Michele’s instruction strikes a great balance between recognizing where I am at, and pushing me enough to improve after every session. She knows her profession very well, and quickly adjusts to unexpected changes in my ability or suddens pains. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover Pilates, but now I’m a lifer!
— Dovie C.
Michele’s Barre teacher training was fantastic! The Barre class format is creative, unique, and intense - in a low impact, high energy way!  The format provides a wonderful, full-body workout that makes you sweat, stretch, strengthen, and smile! 
The teacher training provided me with the skills I needed to create and execute a Barre class that allowed me freedom and flexibility to add in my own flair while maintaining the structure of the class she worked hard to create.  
I highly recommend taking Michele’s teacher training, as the choreography is great and she provides you with the skills and tools to build and execute fantastic, creative, and effective classes.
— Stefani H.
Pilates is a comprehensive exercise program that helps me keep in shape and gives me increased energy. The main benefits for me are increased flexibility and strength. It alleviates my stiff, aching muscles and gives me increased physical endurance. It builds my core strength but also works on all areas of the body. I love that there are so many varied exercises and levels. After a class with Michele, I feel motivated and energized.
— Carol B.
My sense of well being is greatly improved through both my yoga and Pilates practices. I appreciate that Michele is tuned in to where my body is and honors that versus following a pre-established routine. As a result, I have seen greater improvement in my physical and mental health.
— Shawn D.
I enjoy private sessions at Happy Belly Studios for many reasons but primarily the benefits are efficiency, motivation, and instruction in a space that is free of the typical hustle and bustle of a gym experience. The variety of exercises Michele has expertise in and the one-on-one workouts make working out fun!
— Lisa I.